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Drumset for PSPKVM

Drumset for PSPKVM

The PSPKVM is a powerful J2ME virtual machine in a homebrew that allow us to run Java mobile apps in the PSP (and in Android phones via PPSSPP). With a high compatibility and a finished version (0.5.5), the homebrew can run a lot of J2ME apps and games letting the user enjoy the best of the amazing mobile platform that dominated the mobile phones market before the Android ascension.

The homebrew is capable to emulate MIDI and WAV sounds for games, but you probably took note that the sound for MIDI is not so accurate as it actually would be in an real mobile phone. This happens due to the lack of drumset instruments in the PSPKVM files.
Some may not know, but MIDI is not actually a sound file but its a sequence played by virtual instruments (.pat files), for some unknown reason, the default PSPKVM pack lack the drums' .pat files and due to this the game musics sometimes are less accurate and not so good. Strangely, the PSPKVM already comes with a pre-configured drumset in the timidity.cfg file, despite the lack of the drumset .pat files.

And now is where we enter, we got some .pat files and configured them on the same structure as in the pre-configured timidity.cfg, which means that by adding these files in the PSPKVM folder structure you will be able do unlock the drumset for the MIDI files and automatically make the MIDI sounds in the game a lot better!
The installation instructions follows in the README inside the ZIP file you will download. We also have a demonstration video of the PSPKVM sound with the .pat files on our YouTube Channel.

Unbutu Packages (for the free .pat files)
Sleepper and M@x (for the PSPKVM)

Get the PSPKVM at: